I’m too lazy to cook on a consistent basis, but when I do cook, I have high expectations. It’d better be good. I made corn chowder today to drop off at my grandfather’s tomorrow, and I used a recipe from Paula Deen, the Butter Dame.  I halved the amount of butter, substituted some half and half for skim milk, and added some cayenne pepper, and it was so delish! I felt especially happy that my parents thought it was delish too.

I’m discovering more and more that cooking, for me, is an expression of love. Not that I do it very often (I happen to be very lazy, unfortunately), but when I do cook for people, it’s my way of telling them I heart them.  Maybe I got this from my mom- she’s an awesome hostess and has hosted countless dinners for church members and relatives over the years. I’m nowhere near the selfless person she is, but I like to think, maybe, I’m getting there. Very sloooowly.

On an entirely different note, places I’d like to live someday:

1. Korea (really, are you surprised?)

2. London (so posh)

3. Japan (so I can buy cute odds and ends)

4. Paris (so I can eat baguettes everyday)

5. NYC (so I can walk to Central Park and eat Lombardi’s whenever)

BUT wherever I go, there’d better be some good Mexican food nearby.